Session with ZeptoExpress Fleet

Get together session with our core fleet of ZeptoExpress was a joyful one, we’re glad that everyone was happy and excited during the session. Our in-house fleet is expanding rapidly to ease the entire delivery process of our customers. The next big thing is to equip our fleets with the IOT 5MARTBEG in order to perform delivery predictions and forecasting.




ZeptoExpress in Malaysian Business

On 5th December 2018, Malaysian Business magazine was inviting & interviewing ZeptoExpress. The interview & photo session have been done at Movenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA Malaysia.

We have the opportunity to share replicas de relojes our journey from the beginning until now. Other than that we shared our thought and opinion on the Malaysia logistics landscape.

For more story of our ZeptoExpress journey, get your Malaysian Business January 2019 copy next month.




ZeptoExpress AGM

On 23 October 2018, ZeptoExpress have done Annual Grand Meeting at The Lounge 37, Menara Seascape 1. This meeting was attended by our shareholders, to review ZeptoExpress performance throughout the years. ZeptoExpress would like to express our gratitude to all our shareholders for making ZeptoExpress a reality. Looking forward to a better future.




Mega Careers and Study Fair 2018


On 8 & 9 September 2018, ZeptoExpress joined Mega Career and Study Fair 2018. This event’s purpose serves as a career platform for students, fresh grads and seasoned professionals, hunt for job opportunities from quality employers at this fair.

Besides finding new talent for ZeptoExpress, we also do brand awareness to let the community and the crowd know that courier industry in Malaysia has been growing at an impressive pace especially with the expansion of e-commerce in our country.

Till we meet again at future events.





eFounders Sharing Night

On 30th August 2018, our COO and Co-Founder, Syairil Reza whom one of the Malaysian fellows in eFounders Program by Alibaba Group & UNCTAD was giving , sharing session in EFounders Sharing Night at Common Ground TTDI, Menara Ken.

The sharing was about the importance of building a strong ecosystem. ZeptoExpress were sharing the stage with Dropee and Allsome. Hope all the audience learn something from the sharing.





Live Online with EFM

On 18 April 2018, ZeptoExpress CEO and Founder, Mohd Izzairi Yamin have been invited for interview session with EFM at MyEdTech. The session share Zepto’s insight of the challenges and innovations of the logistics in Malaysia. He also explained on ZeptoExpress services and qualities we could provide for the ever-expanding volume of e-commerce.

The interview ended with a little advice for new entrepreneur wish to build a startup need to be committed, focus, to have persisted, do not give up, have a good team because it is not easy and overnight to build a startup. Lastly, his advice to become a subject mattered expert in what you do, it shows you understand the business as it will convince your customer and investor.


ZeptoExpress @ Startup Weekend KL Logistics Tech

On 6th April 2018, ZeptoExpress was invited to Startup Weekend KL Logistic Tech event. The event was organized by Paper + Toast with the co-hosts Startup Weekend Kuala Lumpur.

We have the opportunity to talk and give valuable feedback to the participants on how to create a startup and share our experience build the startup few years back.

Wish all the best to the participants, hope they will gain some knowledgeable input to execute their ideas to launching their own startup.



ZeptoExpress @Echelon TOP100 APAC 2018

ZeptoExpress has been selected as TOP100 Country Qualifier Pitching session at Echelon TOP100 APAC 2018: Malaysia Qualifier Roadshow. The event was held at Level 25, Maxis Tower, Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The pitching session was done in front of investors, corporate and local government agencies.



Wishing all a Happy New Year 2018 from ZeptoExpress.

2017 has been a great year for ZeptoExpress, being recognized by the ecosystem was a great blessing for the entire team throughout the year. We would like to thank everyone that made this happen, especially our Investors, Customers and also our beloved ZeptoPartners.

Let’s make 2018 a great year for everyone!


We’re @GECommunity Summit 2017

On 12 & 13 December 2017 has been held Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit (GE Community Summit) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). This event objectives to empower entrepreneurs around the world with groundbreaking ideas and collaborations to solve cross-border challenges, uncover new prospect and develop extensive ideas and solutions, catalyzing innovation.

This year’s theme is GE Community Summit 2017 – Designing the Future . ZeptoExpress was proud to be involved in this annual event. The summit was initiated by Ministry of Finance, Malaysia (MOF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia (MOSTI) and Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (MOHE), and organized by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

In this event we took the opportunity to meet with potential investors, create networks with people in the industry and having discussions with them regarding startup environment, delivery & logistics sector. ZeptoExpress also open exhibition booths engage with the business owner and customer to create awareness towards on-demand same day delivery.

Hopefully this year summit will bring an positive impact  towards entrepreneurship community next year. Look forwards to 2018.



ZeptoExpress @SECONKL2017

Sharing Economy Conference (SECON) is a conference to educating Small, Medium and Large enterprises on the opportunities afforded by sharing economy and the possible integration or merging of sharing economy ecosystem with traditional businesses including e-commerce.

ZeptoExpress have been invited on 23rd November 2017 by Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), in collaboration with SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) for an all-day exhibition and business matching breakout session with the sharing economy player.

This year SECONKL theme is based on 3 industry-specific clusters which offer business ready solutions – Logistics & Supply Chain, Business Process and Human Resource & Talent.



We’re @E-Commerce Logistics Forum

On 16 November 2017 has been held an E-Commerce Logistics Forum (Kuala Lumpur) at Pullman Bangsar. This forum purpose  is to explore the potential solutions to the omni-channel fulfillment and logistics challenges facing retailers and brand owners in Malaysia.

ZeptoExpress was invited as the speakers on topic “The Future of last mile delivery & modern warehousing”. The event allows participants to know the latest trends in a distribution center for material handling for in-store fulfillment and strategies for next-day and same-day delivery.


ZeptoExpress live on VspireLab

ZeptoExpress have been interviewed VspireLab for their EP#18 on topic “Tech And Logistics Of Tomorrow”. Following our winning on Chairmans Choice of The Malaysian Rice Bowl Awards, VsipreLab interview us on how we leverage on Tech for our logistics solutions as well as how Tech will affect the industry in the near future.



ZeptoExpress @Global Logistics and Supply Chain Conference 2017

On 1 November 2017 has been held a Global Logistics and Supply Chain Conference 2017 at Empire Hotel Subang. This year’s conference theme is “Supply Chain in Digital Economy”.

ZeptoExpress was invited as one of the speakers on the discussion topic “Future Transformation on eCommerce & Re-Thinking Last Mile Fulfillment/Delivery. Another speaker is including NinjaVan, Ezyhaul, iruna eLogistics and Lazada Malaysia.

During these discussion few things were highlighted such as the impact of the digital economy to supply chain and also latest best practice in logistics and supply chain in the digital economy.



We’re @Daya eUsahawan 2017

“Persidangan Daya eUsahawan 2017” was a program organized by Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). The program was held at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. The 2 day convention will benefit the sharing of knowledge and skills by high-vision digital entrepreneurs.

ZeptoExpress has been invited along with Easy Parcel to give a talk on “Alternative to Pack and Post”. In the digital world this day, by adding a layer of innovative technology, we are providing a new and efficient way to allow customer to easily request for logistic assistance compare to conventional courier services.


We’re at Connexion@Nexus

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has organized a half-day workshop which was Leveraging Enterprises with Digital Disruptors (LEAD) Workshop. This workshop intention was to share innovative crowd-based solutions and services to address growing business needs and requirements in the Digital Economy era.

ZeptoExpress have been selected to speak for courier & the delivery industry along other crowd-services provider such Upal (recruitment & hiring), Foodpanda (personal concierge) and Grab (transportation services).

Many parties have come to attend this event from multiple backgrounds such as c-level of local corporations, small & medium enterprises (SMEs), business owners & enterprise decision makers, multi-national companies (MNCS) and government-linked companies (GLCS) to listen to the speakers’ topics on crowd-services solutions.