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Your Favourite Delivery Service

ZeptoExpress is like the friendly colleague who is ever ready to lend a helping hand at your request. ZeptoExpress is the service that you rely on when you want something delivered from Point A to Point B without much of a hassle. Customers can use ZeptoExpress to place a delivery order and have it picked up and delivered within a span of few hours.

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We are currently operating in the Klang Valley zones but looking to expand to new cities very soon!

Weekly Payment

Earnings are automatically deposited into Rider's account every 7 days. You can choose to be online whenever you like.

Partner Benefits

Unlock and gamify your delivery orders and exchange with our badges or exclusive giveaways. We know you'll love it!

Deliver when you want

You are your own boss and you can choose when and how much deliveries you want to take, at night, weekend or off days.

Choose your delivery mode

Take your motorbike, car or truck. You can choose the type of delivery and the way you want to do it. We'll guide along the way.

Make some good money

Bring people what they love and earn money while doing it. During deliveries, it's just you, the road, sound and sights.

What it takes to deliver

A few simple requirements to be a ZeptoPartner.

  • Customer-service oriented attitude
  • Smartphone running Android or iOS
  • Registered vehicle
  • Valid driving license
  • Driving record in good standing
  • No criminal background
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Malaysian citizen

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